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    Lisa Landman is a detail-oriented manager who has experience in quality control, customer service, scheduling, and administrative functions. Lisa is also an animal welfare advocate and dog lover!

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    Meet Lisa Landman

    Experienced professional with a Doctorate in Psychology

    Lisa Landman is an accomplished professional with a Doctorate in Psychology. Throughout Lisa's career, she has worked in many areas including administration, client services, human resources, and teaching. Additionally, she has owned her own gym and fitness business. The mixture of her work experiences has equipped her with the tools to succeed in any work position. Ultimately, Lisa Landman views herself as an entrepreneur who can meet any challenge head-on with dedication and commitment.

  • Education 

    Lisa Landman has earned a doctorate degree in psychology.

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    Fordham University

    Master's and Doctorate

    Lisa Landman attended Fordham University from 2002-2005 and earned a master's and doctorate degree in Applied Developmental Psychology.

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    Yale University


    Lisa Landman attended Yale University from 1998-2002 to earn her bachelor's degree in psychology. Landman graduated with honors.

  • Experiences

    Lisa Landman has worked in a variety of work environments throughout the years.

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    Residential Coordinator

    Lisa Landman was responsible for managing and directing the operations and activities of three residential villas to assist individuals with disabilities in maintaining and developing independence while meeting all State, Federal and Diocesan requirements.

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    Owner and Instructor

    Fit-EST (2005-2016)

    In 2005, Lisa Landman created and managed successful health and wellness facility. She was responsible for all administrative and client service areas with excellent writing and analytical skills. Lisa also maintained daily operations and coordination of calendars/schedules for all employees.

  • Skills

    Lisa Landman has developed many skills throughout her career.



    Strategic Planning

    Customer Service

    Problem Solving

    Team Building

    Various Computer Skills


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